Starter Vape Kits Know-How, Hazards, And Benefits

Starter Vape Kits are also known as vapes, e-hookahs, or vape pens. They are available in varied sizes and shapes and so many designs. These entered the market not so long ago but are already a rage among the youth and young generation. You may come across many talks about e-cigarette kits, but what to trust and what not to is entirely up to you. You can also find vape starter kits which are available online and offline as well.

What are Starter Vape Kits, and how do they work?

It is tube-like which is made in such a manner that it resembles a pen, cigar, or cigarette. They come in both reusable (replaceable cartridges) and disposable variety. Most of the vape cigarettes contain:

  • Mouthpiece – Also known as a cartridge, fixed at the end of the tube. The cartridge can be refilled or replaced.
  • The heating element – is the atomizer that heats the liquid, and then this liquid forms into vapors.
  • Rechargeable battery – rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Electronic circuits – These become active when the sensor senses that the user is sucking on the device.

Starter Vape Kits starter kits have a solution made of nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavoring, and propylene glycol. One can find a variety of flavors ranging from watermelon to traditional cigarette taste.

Benefits and Risk associated with Vape Kits

Many declarations state that vape kits are less dangerous than traditional smoking and can help quit traditional cigarette smoking. They claim that it is less hazardous than tobacco and is a better option than cigarettes.

Studies and research are still being done, but there has been no conclusion that states that it helps quit smoking, though there are various risks that concern the people at large like It contains nicotine, which is addictive, not good for pregnant women. Fatal poising can happen if someone accidentally swallows the liquid. There are various flavors added which are potentially harmful to one’s health. It also affects the lungs and sometimes can cause fatal lung disease as well.

Recent Developments

After looking at the recent research done in January 2018, it was determined that the chemical nitrosamines which are in Starter Vape Kits could cause harm to the DNA.  It was also noted that the lungs cells, after taking starter vape kits, could not repair themselves as easily or fast. Also, the lungs, bladder, and heart of the animal used for lab tests were damaged.

So it was concluded that it might cause lung, bladder cancer or increase the risk of heart disease. FDA has not approved Starter Vape Kits as a smoking aid. The research is still on, and thus, the debate on its benefits and risks is still at large.

If you are going to start Starter Vape Kits, whatever may be the reason, then there are various starter kits available online and offline with various flavors available. Just order and enjoy the feeling of being high using vape kits.

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