Reasons To Play Daily Quizzes

From student life to preparing for any exam, quizzes have become a very important part of checking knowledge. One needs to apply their knowledge to the question asked of them. If the answers are turned right, then the people are said to be winning or vice versa. These quizzes sharpen our minds and give us more scope to think. There are online platforms as well which offer Harry Potter quizzes. This leads the gamers to search “which hogwarts house am i” kind of answers.

What are the most important reasons which show that quizzes are important to be played?

There are numerous reasons why every student should participate in such quiz games, including:

  • Firstly, playing these quizzes reduces the anxiety and fear of exams from the person. It will make them feel confident about the knowledge they earned. As a result, students are always asked to complete quick quiz assessments as soon as they finish learning one lesson. At the same time, taking bad or simplest quizzes can make the student unready for the exam. This is why they are called to start with the basic quiz and move to the advanced ones after learning any topic. This will prepare the person for taking high-standard tests at the end of the year.
  • This makes the students pay attention during their classes. The students know that if they don’t pay attention to the lesson, they won’t be able to provide answers on the test. And this will improve their score. This is why the attention of the students pops up every time the teacher announces the news of quizzes recently. Hence, this motivates students to learn their study materials regularly.
  • It aids students in building their knowledge in the same way that a building structure aids in constructing a building. It helps the students by starting with the basics and clarifying them. Then after that, they move forward to adding more and more knowledge regarding the subject material. There are gaming quizzes like “which hogwarts house am I” which enhances the thinking capacity of the students.
  • These quizzes help the students by giving instructions to the students and helping them to control their distractions. If a teacher finds major issues in making the students understand certain matters, then using quizzes will solve every problem. The teacher can support funny or animated quizzes to make the student understand the baseline of certain concepts.
  • One of the primary reasons for using quizzes is that teachers can complete them in a matter of seconds while also determining each student’s grade. Hence, it barely takes any time for the teachers to give away the answers and results to the class, as compared with that of essay writing structure.
  • It always produces positive results and connections in students’ brains who complete the quizzes related to each subject matter.

Nowadays, these quizzes can be administered via the app offering face-timing, in which the teacher can gather all of their students on a video call and then ask them specific questions, which they will answer on the spot.

Finally, to organize such games, one must individually invite their partners via phone calls and text messages. Then, using social media tools, they can create an event. Finally, posting quizzes on the forums will do the rest of the tasks.

What are the benefits of playing these quizzes daily?

There are so many benefits to playing these quizzes daily, like:

  • First, it makes the students read the complete material without skipping and dropping up.
  • It demonstrates how much effort was expended in comprehending the subject material and which points require additional attention. This way, the students become aware of their weak topics.
  • The student who wins the quizzes creates a distinctive image in the class. This leads more students to get involved in these quizzes and become the centre of attention. Finally, the feeling of competition takes birth between the students.
  • Students who become bored with reading the material begin to do so to win the competition, and thus learning becomes a fun-loving game.
  • Compared to other methods of discussion or lecture sharing, they provide a better lead knowledge sharing method.
  • The timed quizzes assist students in answering more and more questions, teaching them the value of each passing second.

This is why these quizzes can be treated as a real foundation for gaining more and more intellectual growth. In addition, the quizzes encourage students to have a positive attitude toward learning. As a result, students become increasingly eager to learn new and novel concepts on the same material.

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