Know more about the Full Body Laser Hair Removal treatment

Everyone, be it a man or a woman, desires to have beautiful-looking skin and look their best. However, some might bother you and make you feel like they are obstacles in your path towards attaining your ideal beauty standards. Having hair on the body or the face is one obstacle that men and women find repelling. However, with the advancement of technology, various methods have come up in cosmetology that allows one to get rid of it all without much hassle. Full Body Laser Hair Removal is one of those efficient methods.

More about the complete body hair removal method

This method has been proven quite effective as it is safe and non-invasive and efficiently removes hair from all body parts that you wish to. It is a permanent method of removing hair from the body and having smoother and cleaner skin. It is carried out with the help of a laser-focused on the targeted area to reach the follicles of the hair and burn the hair from the roots. The Full Body Laser Hair Removal treatment ensures no hair left and no chance of regrowing is left.

This process has been given the green signal by FDA, which proves its authenticity as a hair removal technique and the safety it ensures. The beam thrown on the targeted area transforms into heat and heats the hair from the roots and ultimately them. After the procedure, hair starts falling off, leaving behind only smooth and glowing skin.

This process is quite different from shaving, even though the results are pretty similar. The difference being laser hair removal is permanent as it destroys the follicles that produce the hair. It destroys it from under the various layers of skin. It does not leave behind any tiny or rough hair, as shaving does. All dermatologists have approved it as it is effective and causes no harm to the skin. The beam has no side effects on the skin but instead works favor of the skin. It is a method that has been adopted by both men and women for many years now.

Process and effectiveness of this method

The process is quite simple. The laser tries to burn the hair surpassing the various layers of the skin. It requires one to attend several sessions to remove all the hair permanently. It is required as the hair might start growing again after a specific period, and it is pretty challenging to determine when it might start. For that, it is essential to understand the phases in which hair grows and which are as mentioned below:-

  1. Anagen- the phase in which hair grows
  2. Catagen- This is referred to as the transitional phase
  3. Telogen- Otherwise referred to as the resting phase
  4. Exogen- It is known as the shedding phase

The treatment can only work best during the Anagen- period or the growing period. It is essential to carry out various sessions to expose the roots to laser more often and clear out all the hair permanently. You might see visible patches of hair between sessions, but it is nothing to worry about. Sometimes, the laser misses out on a few spots in which n the hair region is more prominent. But after all the sessions, one cannot notice any hair growth for many years to come.

It has garnered immense popularity among men and women for its brilliant results that have left their skin hairless and surprisingly smooth. It is truly one of the best inventions done in cosmetology. Those struggling with the same difficulties are advised to get laser treatment.

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