How to get the best budget banjo?

Music is something which makes you feel connected with yourself, it releases stress and also anxiety. It is said that everyone should know at least one instrument because we need a way to let out all our stress, and that is possible through music, whether you are a music listener or a learner it is all up to you how you express yourself, many people listen to music according to their mood, many people play instruments in tune which reflects their mood.

Banjo is one of the most fancy or you can say an instrument which looks very interesting but playing it is tough although it looks like a guitar it is not a guitar, it is the most stylish instrument ever made being the oldest form of instrument and also a most popular instrument among music enthusiast.

Buying the best budget banjo sometimes becomes a hectic task going through a whole lot of music stores and searching for the best banjo in your range that is something which makes you tired.

How to select a good banjo

Banjo originally originates from Africa and now has become a staple instrument used in American Music and folk culture. It brings out a piece of pleasant music, unlike other string instruments. It has strong music that is very pleasant to hear, traditionally, the banjo was made up of bamboo, that is why it has a strong aesthetic sound, even today the manufacturers have tried and preserve that strong sound of the strings.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert you need to get to know about all the types of banjos available in the market.

The price range starts from $1000.

Best budget banjos are

  • Gold tune AC1 – As the name suggest this banjo is a good standard banjo with an affordable price. Made in Florida, it is lightweight and adds great value to your collection.
  • Deering Goodtime open-back banjo – made in the US, it is another cheap banjo. It is best for beginners and is lightweight with a classic look and sound.
  • Ibanez B200 – this has a resonator on its back, it is another cheap banjo and is best for folk and old-time music. It comes at a cheap cost as compared to other resonator banjos and is easily customizable.
  • Oscar Schmidt OB5 – this has been making banjos for 100 years. This model is the best for resonator banjo at this price range and has an easily removable resonator banjo and a wide range of tones possible.
  • Recording king RKOH-05 dirty thirties open back banjo – As the name suggests, this is a classic banjo and is a replica of a banjo from the 1930s, has a very sturdy construction and vintage look and sound.

Choosing the best banjo for yourself is a task first, get to know about all the types of banjos available at a cheap price, then compare all its pros and cons once you are sure about which one you have to take, then you can buy that banjo.

It’s good to have good research before buying something because that makes you aware of all the products available in the market.


Therefore, the banjo’s are a beautiful instrument with a pleasant strong sound, which will make you fall in love with the instrument.

Before buying any product, make sure you are aware of the pros and cons as because of this choosing to will get one of the best products at a cheap rate. As we all know that not all the products that are available at a cheap price are as good as an expensive but if you are a beginner you should buy a cheap banjo.

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