Comfortable place to stay- triangle motel

Do you wish to visit the San Juan Mountains in Silverton and nearby areas? If you are looking for a place to stay, triangle motel is the best choice. The motel is available for 12 months. Moreover, they have pet-friendly accommodations in Silverton, Colorado.

Highlights about triangle motel and station situated in 550 north

  • Triangle motel is open year-round with affordable rates in the spring-fall.
  • The Motel is situated near shops, restaurants, groceries, museums, tours and hiking trails, etc.; you just have to walk for a short distance.
  • You will be able to drive quickly for 4*4 trails & Silverton Mountain.
  • They have ethanol-free fuel available for OHVs in their Hotel.
  • They have recently announced the opening of their new convenience store and gas station on the property.
  • You can stop and enjoy Hunt brothers Pizza, convenience store items, and fuel for your vehicle or OHV.

Amenities provided by the triangle motel

  • They provide you complimentary continental breakfast.
  • Availability of 32 inches flat-screen TV.
  • Availability of free Wi-Fi.
  • The staffs of the Hotel are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
  • The staffs treat you like their own family.
  • If you are bringing your pets, the Hotel allows you to keep them.
  • The Hotel is located on OHV Route.
  • The rooms are super neat and clean.
  • Parking space facility for your vehicle.

What to do before planning a trip to Silverton?

  1. Always search for the best route & conditions only then plan your trip.
  2. All your queries are solved on the Colorado DOT website, with much information to help you plan and stay safe.

The Layout of the rooms and rates

They have brand new rooms, asking for your presence. Just check out their selection of rooms with ensuite bathrooms, suits, and single rooms. You have two booking options: book directly through the website to get the best rates, or you can directly visit the Hotel, but that will not give you an off of about 15%.

Exploration of rooms

  • A Room with the availability of one king bed is present on the first floor and newly renovated. Moreover, it is clean, modern, and comfortable with a bathroom.

Amenities are provided with the room.

  1. It has mountain views.
  2. Provides you with daily housekeeping service.
  3. It has a coffee maker machine with a flat-screen TV/direct TV.
  4. They provide complimentary breakfast, free parking, and complete access to Wi-Fi.
  5. Moreover, they have a microwave, mini-fridge, non-smoking shower, and alarm clock.
  6. A Room with the availability of one queen bed is also present on the first floor, newly renovated. It is clean, modern, and comfortable. It shares the same amenities as the king bedroom.
  7. Room available with one king bed and one twin bed also present on the first floor. It also shares the same amenities as the other two rooms. The room is designed to accommodate three persons at a time.
  8. ADA/ handicap accessible room with one queen bed designed for specially disabled. The room is made with all the basic requirements.
  9. Rooms with full kitchen known as Multiple Kitchen- the room has a full kitchen with microwave, small oven, 4-burner stove top to a dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, flat-screen TV with Direct TV, and free Wi-Fi. This room has all the necessities like your own house. Living in this suite will cost you more, but it will make you feel like your own house.

Highlights of Silverton Town

It is a small town with endless opportunities. And the location of the Hotel is on Historic Blair Street. The visit to Silverton does not depend on the time; you will always find something unique for individuals and families.

Places to enjoy in the town

  • Silverton Mountain
  • Kendall Mountain recreation area
  • Pirate Adventures
  • San Juan Back Country
  • Fireworks and all-day activities
  • Great Snowshoe Trails

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