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A replica watch, also known as a counterfeit watch is a copy of the original watch. There are several premia, luxury watches whose original copy is too costly. Only a certain section of the society can afford to buy. Replica watches are the solution for those who love to keep a collection of premium watches but are unable to get them. There are many websites that sell replica watches. One can get the best rolex replica watches from those websites.

Advantages of buying replica watches

  1. First and the most important reason behind why should one consider replica watches is that it is pocket friendly. One who cannot afford original watches can also buy a replica and fulfil his or her wish. Why would one miss a chance of saving money, if it is possible very easily?
  2. Once you buy an original watch by spending some thousands of dollars, you will always have a fear of losing it. What if you are in a nightclub wearing it and someone slyly steals it from you? It would be such a huge loss.
  3. Once you wear these watches, it gives you the next level of confidence and also helps you enhance your personality.
  4. There are very less people who can understand whether the watch is original or not.

Disadvantages of buying replica watches 

After seeing so many advantages, the possibilities of disadvantages persist. Let us now look at the disadvantages.

  1. The major reason which simply says a no to buying a replica watch is that it is illegal. Why would one want to put him or her in trouble? 
  2. There are many premium watch-making companies that have used the given slogan in their ads. The slogan goes as – “fake watches are for fake people”. If luck is not in your favour and your colleague gets to know that you have been flaunting over a fake watch. Can you even imagine how embarrassing it can make you feel? 
  3. One can only flaunt his watch for a small period, as compared to an original one. It is obvious that it will not last for a longer period of time. 
  4. It cannot necessarily boost up your confidence. You might always have a fear that people may come to know about your fake watch. Most people will choose peace over pride.

Selling replica watches is considered an offence. As it may cause confusion among the people regarding the original or the replica one. Now, there can be an explanation to it that if the seller admits that he is selling a replica watch then there is no question of confusion arising. But there is a big no to it because even if the seller admits that he is selling a replica watch, he is guilty of trademark counterfeiting. In most of the countries, this is considered a punishable offence. One might also be committing trade dress infringement. This means selling a duplicate product with the same or a similar logo.

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