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13:00-16:00 EUREKA Academy (Helsinki Hall)

The EUREKA Academy is a great opportunity to learn more about the different instruments and success stories of the EUREKA family.

This business-focussed introductory session to EUREKA and its different instruments will include presentations by EUREKA representatives; we are also aiming to have a presentation from a participant in EUREKA projects, so Academy attendees will hear the viewpoint of industry on the value of participating in an international R&D project – and the pitfalls to avoid. There will be time for Q&As and interaction with the speakers.

13:00-13:10 Welcome
Melanie Cullins, Industrial Technology Advisor, Industrial Research
Assistance Program National Research Council of Canada

EUREKA instruments

13:10-13:35 International Cooperation: integral part of EUREKA’s new Strategic Roadmap
Jorge Liz, Project Monitoring, EUREKA Cluster and Umbrella representative
Questions & Answers

13:35-14:00 Participating in Eurostars – Eligibility rules, application and evaluation process and criteria
Peter Chisnall, Eurostars Programme Manager
Questions & Answers

14:00-14:20 Participating in Cluster projects Cluster chairman Zeynep Sarilar, Cluster spokesperson & ITEA Chairwoman

14:20-14:40 Cluster project testimonial
Antonio Cuadra Sánchez, Telecom & Media, INDRA
Questions & Answers

14:40-15:00 Coffee break

15:00-15:25 Participating in Network projects
Oscar Fernandez Moyano, National Project Coordinator, Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
Questions and Answers

Collaborative tools

15:25-15:40 Network support
Mike Timmermans, National Project Coordinator, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland

15:40-15:55 Associated organisation: “EEN support”
Mikael Virkki, Advisor, Business Finland, Enterprise Europe Network

15:55-16:00 Questions & Answers


09:00-9:15 Opening of the event

Welcome address

Heikki Uusi-Honko, EUREKA High-Level Group Chairman, Business Finland

Celebrating 10 years of Association with EUREKA

Inho Lee, South Korean Vice Minister

09:15-12:00 Developing high-performance European innovation platforms in a competitive world (Finlandia Hall)

European experts address the topic of developing and improving European innovation collaboration for the future. Thoughts are then elaborated upon in a short panel discussion.

Harri Kulmala, DIMECC; Peter Connock, AENEAS; Valérie Blavette, ORANGE; Vesa Perälä, CLANED; Joakim Appelquist, VINNOVA; Jean-David Malo, European Commission DG RTD

ModeratorCharlotte Geerdink

Disruptive Innovation: finding a meaningful direction in a digitalized world – Roberto Verganti, Professor of Leadership and Innovation, Politecnico di Milano

Keynote by Iain Stewart, President of the Canadian National Research Council (NRC) and signature of the Canada-EUREKA Association Renewal

Closing remarks Under-Secretary of State Petri Peltonen, Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

13:00-18:45 Republic of Korea Collaboration Forum

Republic of Korea, already an active Associated Country within EUREKA, will be present in Helsinki for an official signing ceremony, when it will become the first ever EUREKA Partner Country. The afternoon’s programme includes both industry and public sector, providing a compact overview of the huge innovation potential of this country. This event will enable participants to further their understanding of possibilities for R&D collaboration with Republic of Korea.

13:00-13:30 Opening Ceremony (Opening, Welcoming, Congratulatory remarks, Korea EUREKA Partnership agreement signing ceremony)

13:30-14:30 Republic of Korea-Europe Technology Cooperation Forum (4 keynote speeches)

15:00-16:00 Idea Pitches by Korean participants (2 simultaneous sessions – Session 1: Energy & Health and Session 2: Mobility & Industry

16.05-18.45 Matchmaking Session

Please check the detailed agenda here

13:00-16:00 EUREKA - a unique platform for international RDI collaboration

To mark the 10th anniversary of the successful EUREKA-EU collaboration in Eurostars, this exclusive Innovation Days debate will look back at the past decade, acknowledge its outstanding performance, but will also look forward and allow an exchange of views on the role of EUREKA as a key platform in the European research and innovation funding and support landscape.

The debate, hosted by Head of the EUREKA Secretariat Philippe Vanrie, brings together on stage several high-level guests, among whom Eurostars practitioners, governmental, industry and European Commission representatives. Experts in private investment, will enhance the debate, discussing how policy decisions can also lead to public support for innovation being extended beyond R&D project completion, to add value to the innovative product and provide further benefits to the companies involved. The central role played by industry in EUREKA will be at the core of all discussions.

Special attention will be paid to EUREKA’s global dimension, the challenges of a true and open internationalization strategy, and the perspectives for Global Stars.

13:00 – 14:30

  • EUREKA, a singular platform, uniquely positioned in the European innovation ecosystem
    Philippe Vanrie, Head of the EUREKA Secretariat
    Matti Hiltunen
    , EUREKA High-level Representative for Finland, Business Finland
  • The Eurostars programme, 10 years of achievement and impact, effectiveness and perspectives for the future
    Peter Chisnall, Eurostars Programme Manager, EUREKA Secretariat
    Bertel Haarder, Danish politician, former minister, present at EUREKA’s foundation
    Jean-David Malo, Director, European Commission Research & Innovation
  • Enabling business & investment readiness of EUREKA’s companies, the E!Innovest experience
    Ana Tomašek, EUREKA Secretariat E!lab Manager
    Oscar Chabrera, Co-Founder & EU Manager, Barcelona
    Finnish Business Angel/Venture Capitalist (tbc)


15:00 – 16:00

  • Going Global, navigating across EUREKA’s unique worldwide network
    David Golding, Head of European and Global Engagement, Innovate UK
    Niki Naska, Public Affairs Manager, EUREKA Secretariat
    Mike Timmermans, Manager International Innovation Cooperation at Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
    Mariano Jordan, National Director, Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Argentina
  • A zoom in on the European and other Clusters experience
    Jorge Liz, EUREKA Secretariat Clusters Manager
    Zeynep Sarilar, EUREKA InterClusters Spokesperson
    + Two other speakers, subject to confirmation
  • Closing remarks


There will be business-to-business matchmaking opportunities each day at certain times during the event.


09:00-10:00 Opening Plenary - Drivers for Smart Industries

This session comprises two keynote addresses challenging your thinking about cross-cutting topics relevant to all smart industries.

Future cities as fields of opportunity for Smart Services: Jarmo Eskelinen, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Future Cities Catapult, UK

5G connectivity as an enabler for industries: Lauri Oksanen, Vice-President Research & Technology, Nokia

ModeratorCharlotte Geerdink


Get exciting, new insights into the hottest topics in the areas of Smart Energy and Smart Health.


The production, distribution and use of energy is undergoing unprecedented change, in Europe and beyond. A key driver is the need – at all levels – to reduce systemic energy consumption patterns and hence the carbon footprint. Emerging new energy systems will require a completely new level of intelligence, made possible by ever-increasing digitisation. New technologies will open new possibilities to intensify energy use for buildings, traffic and industry. At the same time, these new, more flexible and multi-faceted energy systems will bring forth new business models, enabling the integration of completely new services to the energy sector.

Personalized energy. My energy – My home. What’s happening on the smart energy scene in your backyard and neighbourhood? Where will the big change happen?

The energy business will change radically soon. Who will the new players be? Where will change first happen? Car charging, solar panels, buying and selling electricity. Energy consumption. How can consumers get involved and be made interested?

The Smart Energy debate will examine with hard facts what kind of changes will impact the consumer’s everyday life. What does the path from the present to the smart energy future look like?

Richard Haagensen, Landis+Gyr
Laurent Midrier, Bureau Veritas
Murat Pinar, ENERJISA
Carlos Härtel, CTO of GE Europe
Sirkka Heinonen, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC), University of Turku / Director of Helsinki Office, Future of Media and Communications (FMC)

Moderator: Helena Sarén, Business Finland


Demographic change, progress in medical science, and the new possibilities of the digital era all constitute massive change drivers for the healthcare sector and its suppliers. Superb connectivity offered by new network technologies means physical distances will diminish. Personalised medicine, portable devices, big data and diagnostic solutions and artificial intelligence will become integrated, transforming the healthcare sector as we know it today. How can the healthcare industry best serve a growing population requiring efficient and affordable healthcare?

The faster-than-ever development of science and technology offers a multitude of tools to overcome the huge healthcare challenges the world is currently facing. Joining forces will speed up development processes. The goal of the panel discussion is to identify new ways to stay ahead of the curve for a healthier tomorrow. The panelists will elaborate and give exciting examples of how to integrate various expertise, and how to improve research and innovation with PPP programmes and smart ecosystem initiatives.

Erno Muuranto, GE Health Finland
Marja Makarow, Biocenter Finland
Arndt A. Schmitz, Bayer AG
Casper Garos, Philips
Sinikka Salo, Ministry of Social Affairs, Finland

Moderator: Minna Hendolin, Business Finland


13:30-15:15 Parallel Debates on Smart Mobility and Smart Industry – PART II

Get exciting, new insights into the hottest topics in the areas of Smart Mobility and Smart Industry.


Travellers across Europe benefit from the increasing flow of data which determines our mobility and the behaviour of vehicles. New services and systems produce various types of data, created in the people environment, the vehicle environment or in between. Both public and private sectors have a role in improving the types of data and developing open data services.

The new Transport Code makes Finland a good environment. Our session starts in Finland and then discusses a European approach for big data in the transport sector. How to ensure open opportunities for both small and big companies, in the present trend of servitization, automation and electrification?

The new Transport Code of Finland forms the mobility market
Head of Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland

Mobility services are here: case Kyyti
Pekka Möttö, CEO, Kyyti Group Oy, Finland

Key challenges as the automotive industry develops towards a connected world future
Andrew Till, VP Technology & Marketing, Harman Connected Services, UK

Smart mobility of the future: user-centred, sensor-based and data-driven
Maria Rimini-Doering, Senior Expert HMI (Human Machine Interaction), Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

Intelligent solutions enabling multimodal mobility, the era of travel ecosystems
Ioanna Fergadiotou, R&D Director, Inlecom Systems, UK and Greece

The session is moderated by Tom Warras, Executive Coordinator, Business Finland. The panel will consider how EUREKA cooperative projects can help to promote open data in the market.


The manufacturing industry is an important source of employment and well-being in Europe. Big changes in production processes are imminent with increased automation, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and overall digitisation of the economy. New opportunities abound for SMEs and large companies to innovate and compete in this field. Leading the implementation of sustainable manufacturing, European industry can continue to be a crucial source of employment and wellbeing.

The goal of the panel debate is to find new perspectives on distributed manufacturing and the role of industry networks – and enabling technologies such as AI, robotics, industrial internet, and digitisation in general. As a result of the debate, the open ecosystemic and holistic view on winning strategies in the field of Smart Industry will be processed further.

Mika Karaila, Valmet
Eduardo Beltrán de Nanclares, MONDRAGON
Terho Valtonen, Mapvision Ltd.
Peter Feiring, Tele2
Matthias Kuom, German Aerospace Center – DLR

Moderator: Kari Leino, Business Finland

15:50-17:00 A Keynote Lecture by the 2018 Millennium Technology Prize Winner and announcement of the EUREKA Innovation Award Winners

The recipient of the 2018 Millennium Technology Prize – worthy winner of 1 million euro – will present their ground-breaking technological innovation and discuss the collaboration that has and will be necessary for its continuing development. The Millennium Technology Prize Winner will also be announcing the three EUREKA Innovation Award winners, who will present their projects on stage.

There will be business-to-business matchmaking opportunities each day at certain times during the event.


Industry-led Collaboration (09:00-10:45)

The EUREKA Clusters are pleased to announce that they are organising a plenary session focusing on industry-lead collaboration – both for large companies and SMEs, on Thursday 24 May as part of the European Innovation Days in Helsinki.

EUREKA Clusters offer the opportunity for funding trans-national R&D consortia of large industries, SMEs and academia, in a fast and efficient way within a global network. They provide agile and flexible support to R&D&I projects initiated by industry and in alignment with national priorities. EUREKA Cluster projects are industry-led initiatives focused on specific challenges executed by consortia covering the whole value chain.

All the Clusters will be present, and the plenary session is designed to inform participants about how Clusters are an invaluable support tool for organisations, small and large, who wish to engage in trans-national innovation. The morning programme will start with a welcome speech by this year’s InterCluster Spokesperson Zeynep Sarilar, giving the attendees a broad introductory view on the EUREKA Clusters and other available EUREKA instruments. Following this speech, a panel session will be held focusing on conclusions drawn from the parallel theme sessions that were held the day before (Wednesday 23 May), and what can be learned from industries, across the four specific fields.

The programme will close with an interactive session specifically aimed at SMEs interested in establishing collaboration through the Clusters. The session will give SMEs the opportunity to pitch to and interact with all Clusters on stage, learn what Clusters could bring them and how SMEs could be involved in Clusters proposals.

The plenary session will be concluded by EUREKA Chairman, Heikki Uusi-Honko.

During the entire plenary session, speakers will encourage questions from, and debate with the audience to make the session interactive, lively and informative.

Note that specific Cluster sessions are scheduled in parallel after the coffee break. These sessions are open for all Innovation Days participants. Detailed programmes per parallel Cluster session are available.

09:00 Introduction – Zeynep Sarilar, InterCluster Spokesperson & ITEA Chairwoman

09:15 Panel session: Conclusions of parallel thematic modules

What kind of conclusions can we draw from the themed debates of the day before, and what can be learned from other industries, across the four specific fields? Rapporteurs from yesterday’s sessions provide feedback on the key points discussed.

Moderator: Zeynep Sarilar 

  • Smart Energy – Gabriel Marquette, EUREKA EUROGIA2020
  • Smart Health – Philippe Letellier, EUREKA ITEA
  • Smart Industry – Joseba Bilbatua, EUREKA SMART
  • Smart Mobility – Jochen Langheim, EUREKA EURIPIDES2

10:00 - 10:45 EUREKA Clusters & SMEs: an interactive session

This session will give SMEs interested in establishing collaboration through the Clusters the opportunity to pitch to and interact with all Clusters on stage. learn what Clusters could bring them and how SMEs could be involved in Clusters proposals.

10:45 Closure of the plenary session by Heikki Uusi-Honko, EUREKA Chairman

11:15 -> Parallel Cluster Community Sessions (open sessions)

EUREKA Cluster-specific sessions will be open for all Innovation Days participants. Companies participating in these Clusters will be on stage to present their innovations and answer questions. Some Clusters will continue their Community Sessions after lunch.

Celtic-Plus Event: “Visions, success stories and economic impacts” (9:00-17:00)

9:00 – 10:45 Industry-led Collaboration
This Session kicks off the day, focussing on industry-lead collaboration

10:45 – 11:15 Break and exhibition

11:15 – 11:30 Opening of the Celtic-Plus Event
Heikki Uusi-Honko, Finish EUREKA Presidency, Business Finland
Valerie Blavette, Orange, Vice Chair of Celtic-Plus

11:30 – 11:50 CELTIC-NEXT – Next Generation Telecommunications for the Digital Society
Peter Herrmann, Director, Celtic-Plus Office

11:50 – 12:10 Keynote: “Artificial Intelligence, a disruption to digitalization of industries“
Leo M. Kärkkäinen, Nokia
Moderator: Riza Durucasugil Celtic-Plus Vice Chair, from Netas

12:10 – 13:00 Panel: Business impacts of Celtic-Plus projects
Moderator: Mrs Juana Sanchez (CDTI, funding authority Spain)

  • GOLD: Break though in Broadband Connectivity (, Les Humphrey (BT)
  • NOTTS: Next generation over-the-top multimedia services, Antonio Cuadra Sanchez (INDRA)
  • ReICOvAir: Reliable Industrial Communication Over the Air, Dieter Kreuer (Qosmotec)
  • SENDATE: Secure Networking for a data center cloud in Europe, Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä, Vice President (Connectivity Business Area, VTT)SIGMONA: Break throughs in 5G, Jari Lehmusvuori (Nokia)

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch and exhibition

14:00 – 14:20 Keynote on IoT and Industry 4.0
Mesut Sen, Netaş, Product Operations Director
Moderator: Jari Lehmusvuori, Celtic-Plus Vice Chair from Nokia

14:20 – 15:00 Best of Celtic-Plus Projects
Moderators: Valerie Blavette (Orange) and Riza Durucasugil (Netas) (Celtic-Plus Vice Chairs)

Celtic-Plus Award Ceremony 2018: Innovation Award winner and the Excellence Award Winners.

The award will be handed over by representatives of the public authorities of coordinating countries.

15:30-17:00 Join the idea-session for new projects (Innovation Days Programme)

EUROGIA2020 Info session (11:15-13:00)

11:15 – 11:45 Introduction to EUROGIA2020, Mr Gabriel Marquette, EUROGIA2020 General Manager

11:45 – 12:00 Industry Insight into EUROGIA2020, Mrs Sinem Altuncu, EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman and Grants and Incentives Manager of CARDTEK

12:00 – 12:45   Project Pitches

12:45 – 13:00   Wrap- Up and Closure

EURIPIDES²/PENTA Communities session (11:15-13:00)
  • 11:15 Opening speeches by EURIPIDES2 Chairman, Jochen Langheim, and PENTA Director, Peter Connock
  • 11:35 Public Authority Round Table – Future of the electronic industry and opportunities for industry, SMEs and RTOs in EUREKA Cluster funding
  • 12:05 Industry Forum – Industrial experience from Cluster funding activities
  • 12:35 SME Engagement with Cluster funding programme – information & support
  • 12:50 Questions and Answers

ITEA Community session (11:15-13:00)

11:15 Interactive and audience-involving panel session with the four winners of the 2018 ITEA Awards of Excellence

Experts from Airbus, Barco, IDEMIA and Philips will share the projects’ inspiring solutions for the contemporary challenges of:

  • Collaborative city co-design (C3PO)
  • Safe and secure Building Management System (FUSE-IT)
  • Security of border management (IDEA4SWIFT)
  • Minimally-invasive interventional treatments (BENEFIT)

The session will be moderated by ITEA Vice-chairman Philippe Letellier.

12:00 ITEA Awards of Excellence 2018 ceremony

12:05 20 years of ITEA impact session

During this celebratory session, several representatives from Industry and Public Authorities will talk about the impact of ITEA, its projects and their personal experiences in ITEA. Join us and learn from their inspirational stories. Confirmed speakers (in alphabetical order):

Adrien Bécue, Head of Research & Technology at Cassidian Cybersecurity
Jonas Bjarne, Senior Program Manager at Vinnova
Patrick Chombart, CATIA R&D collaborative projects manager at Dassault Systemes
Andy De Mets, Coordinator external R&D and Innovation Programs at Barco
Dirk Elias, Head of Division for Software Intensive Systems at Robert Bosch
Rudolf Haggenmüller, Managing Director of Accelerator ACU & former ITEA Chairman
Gjalt Loots, Principal Business Consultant at TNO
Carmen Polcaro, R&D Project Manager ICT unit at Innovalia
Joost Schut, Co-founder and Commercial Director at KE-works
Jan Segerstam, Development Director at Empower IM Oy
Mike Timmermans, Manager International Innovation at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency & EUREKA NPC

The session will be moderated by ITEA Chairwoman Zeynep Sarılar.

12:50 Closing words: ITEA beyond 2020 by Zeynep Sarılar, ITEA Chairwoman

Metallurgy Europe - parallel cluster session (11:15-13:00)


11:15 –  11.45 “Metallurgy Europe, a funding program to support Industry – update on the current situation”; Ole Köser, Hans Fecht

11:45 – 12:30  Presentations from partners and stakeholders of the program

12:30 – 13:00  Open discussion

SMART Community Forum (11:15-13:00)

11:15-11:30 Opening by Eduardo Beltran de NanclaresSMART Chairman

11:30-12:40 Advanced Manufacturing Trends and interactive session

  • R&D Agenda on manufacturing processes and Production Equipment  by Juanan Arrieta (IK4-IDEKO)
  • LIGHTer – a multi-sectorial lightweight arena by Elisabeth Sagström (SWEREA)

12:40-13:00 Industrial Engagement with SMART Cluster Funding Programme – information & support

14:00-15:30 Newsflashes from the EUREKA Associated Countries: plenary

A targeted event in plenary is scheduled for EUREKA’s Associated Countries, to illustrate the multitude of reasons why their country chose a partnership with EUREKA as a privileged partner for R&D collaboration in Europe. Speakers from these countries will outline the great opportunities and benefits to European companies of collaborating internationally.

  • 14:00-14:30 Canada
  • 14:30-15:00 Chile
  • 15:00-15:30 South Africa

15.30-17.00 New project ideas – a chance to pitch your ideas to business experts and potential partners… in 3 minutes

Have a project idea and want to find partners? Or interested in listening to others pitching their innovative ideas? This session provides an open stage for fast-pitching project ideas to an audience and getting instant feedback from EUREKA experts on the viability of each project idea.

Register for pitching

There will be business-to-business matchmaking opportunities each day at certain times during the event.


Tech Tours - a great opportunity to visit Finnish companies and research organisations

We will arrange a selection of inspiring Tech Tours. The tours will take place in the morning. Please choose your preferred tour and register. Space is limited to 50 attendees per tour.


All TechTours have a bus transportation to the tour site. Busses leave at 08:30 from the parking lot behind Finlandia Hall (address: Karamzininranta). Be on time, the busses won’t wait! Busses will return to Finlandia Hall by 13:30 at the latest. In case of early return flights, you may bring your luggage with you into the bus and take a taxi from the tour sites directly to the airport.

For the tours, please bring with you your official ID card or passport, as some tour sites require this.

Basic level lunch is served on all tours free of charge.

TechTour #1, Innovations and entrepreneurship ecosystems (Fully booked)

9.00 Arrival at Micronova (Address: Tietotie 3, Espoo)

9.10 – 9.30 Welcome to Espoo Innovation Garden
Harri Paananen, Manager, Economic and Business Development, City of Espoo

9.30– 09.50 Welcome and Presentation of VTT
Julie Clavijo, Senior Specialist International Relations, VTT

09.50 – 10.00 Coffee Break

10.00 – 10.45 Presentation and tour to Micronova
Howard Rupprecht, Vice President, Micronova manufacturing services, VTT

10.45 – 11.00 Transfer to Aalto Design Factory (Address: Betonimiehenkuja 5C)

11.00 – 11.25 Tour of Aalto Design Factory
Martti Jerkku, Project Manager, Aalto Design Factory

11.25 – 11.35 Transfer to Startup Sauna (Address: Betonimiehenkuja 3D, Espoo)

11.35 – 12.00 Visit to Startup Sauna
Sini Liu, Director of Community, Startup Sauna (tbc)

12.00 – 12.10   Transfer to lunch venue

12.10 – 13.00 Lunch

13.00 End of the program

Otaniemi Campus

The Otaniemi Campus is the heart of innovation in Finland. This visit is especially for those interested in innovation and startup companies.

We will see:

  • Espoo Innovation Garden – the largest innovation hub in Northern Europe. It unites the various partners operating in the area and encourages collaboration.
  • Aalto Design Factory – a multidisciplinary environment for research and education in the field of product development. Fostering entrepreneurship through problem-based learning, the concept has spread to five continents through the Design Factory Global Network.
  • Aaltoes – Europe’s largest and most active student-run entrepreneurship community. Aaltoes has started a significant movement by founding major concepts such as Slush, Startup Sauna and Junction.

VTT Research Centre of Finland Ltd

VTT is one of the leading research and technology organizations in Europe. Annual turnover is 269 M€ and personnel 2,400, it was established 1942.

Julie Clavijo says: “Our research and innovation services give our partners, both private and public, all over the world a competitive edge. We pave the way for the future by developing new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services. Our multidisciplinary experts work together to help our customers and partners create new products, production processes, methods, and services. In doing so, we help to promote sustainable development, employment and well-being. Our broad network of co-operators means that our customers get access to the best knowledge worldwide. We can also offer top-of-the-line research facilities and a wide range of IPR and licensing services. VTT is part of Finland’s innovation system and operates under the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.”

TechTour #2, Smart Industry

ABB site

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) is one of Europe’s biggest companies, a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. ABB operates mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology areas. It has operations in around 100 countries, with approximately 134,800 employees. ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value.

We are invited to the ABB Porvoo factory with special emphasis on industrial robotics and automation.  The site manufactures 25 million switches, socket outlets and wiring accessories every year. There are 47 robots in the production line with the first put in use in 1998.


TechTour #3, Smart Energy

HELEN Ltd (Helsinki Energy Company Ltd)

We are invited to Helen Ltd, which is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. The company, founded in 1909, produces and sells electricity throughout Finland, provides district heating in the capital region and district cooling in downtown Helsinki. The company is headquartered in the Sähkötalo building in central Helsinki. It operates three power plants in Helsinki and four hydropower plants in the Kymenlaakso region. Additionally, the company has 11 district heating plants and three district cooling plants. Helen Ltd’s energy production has been awarded as the most efficient in the world.

Henrietta Lahti from Helen says:  “We have over 400,000 customers throughout Finland, our district heating covers over 90% of Helsinki’s heating needs, and we are expanding energy-efficient district cooling in Helsinki. We develop increasingly eco-friendly and innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers. We aim to achieve 100% climate neutrality in our energy production. We want to offer our customers the best city energy in the world. Because of the hard winter, (temperatures sometimes colder than -20°C), it is extremely important that the energy systems are also reliable and cost effective.”

At the visit, we will hear about the company’s vision of future smart energy systems, visit Hanasaari power plants in the centre of Helsinki and see the Katri Vala heat pump plant below Katri Vala park. The heat pump is used to cool Helsinki’s downtown area in the summer. Katri Vala is the largest heat pump plant in the world to produce heat and cooling from purified waste water.

TechTour #4, Smart 5G


Nokia is a global technology leader at the heart of our connected world. The origin of Nokia is in Finland and it was founded in 1865. Nokia’s headquarters are in Espoo, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2017, Nokia employed approximately 102,000 people across over 100 countries, did business in more than 130 countries, and reported annual revenues of around €23 billion. Nokia is a public limited company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. It is the world’s 415th-largest company measured by 2016 revenues according to the Fortune Global 500 and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

Jari Lehmusvuori says: “Nokia welcomes you to visit our Espoo Campus, one of the main sites for Nokia globally and for the 5G mobile networks R&D. We will be pleased to introduce our role in creating the technology for 5G and innovations to create value to end-users and to digitalization of enterprises and the public sector.  Your tour of our 5G innovation laboratory will present 5G in the form of live demonstrations, including an experimental full 5G network and a 5G smart city deployment with applications for end-users. We will also introduce Nokia as a member in the open innovation eco-systems of Finland.”​​

TechTour #5, Smart Health


Planmeca Oy is a Finnish family-owned company. Its turnover in 2016 was 730 MEUR, and it employs 2,700 people worldwide.

The company is a global leader in many fields of healthcare technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide.

Veli Mäkelä says: “Our product range covers digital dental units, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices, and comprehensive CAD/CAM and software solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we are the largest privately-held company in the field of dental equipment and the parent company of Planmeca Group.

Our dental care units, X-rays and software solutions are designed and manufactured in the Helsinki factory. Using the latest technology and the best materials, our products are hand-made and tailored to each customer’s specifications. We will first have a factory tour during which we can see how the products are made. We’ll show you the things which interest you. After the factory tour we can tell you about the current smart health situation in Finland in general. There is also a possibility for questions and to visit our show room.“


GE Healthcare is a $18 billion global business unit of General Electric with 46,000 employees worldwide and 700 in Finland. Helsinki is one of GE Healthcare’s Centers of Excellence for Monitoring Solutions. We have been developing patient monitors in Finland for over 45 years, and for 20 years, we have combined the monitors with anesthesia equipment and healthcare IT systems in our Carestations. Each year, over 150,000 shipments of high tech healthcare equipment, designed and manufactured in Finland, are exported by GE Healthcare Finland to 150+ countries across the globe.

The patient monitoring industry is facing the biggest technology disruption in decades; wireless and mobile technologies, electronics miniaturization and big data analytics are changing the whole patient monitoring architecture. Join us in GE Healthcare’s Finnish headquarters in Vallila, Helsinki to hear more about our how GE Healthcare is responding to the current challenges of the industry. We will tell you, for example, about the Mobile Digital Health programme where we create intelligent wireless and wearable monitoring solutions, combining GE’s deep knowledge of patient monitoring with Finnish expertise in communication technologies, to increase the quality of patient care at all stages of care.