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We thank all of you for participating in Eureka Innovation Days 2018. We hope you enjoyed your time in Helsinki. We had 926 attendees from 32 countries. We have gathered a selection from the presentations which you can find through the link below.

Finlandia Hall’s buzzing exhibition area.

Panel debate on Smart Health, one of the four main themes.

Matchmaking sessions resulted in lively discussions.

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Miksi aina käy niin, että juuri, kun osaamme jonkin asian, se loppuu? @BusinessFinland'in @twarras bloggaa siitä, kuinka Suomi johti menestyksekkäästi eurooppalaista innovaatiorahoituksen #EUREKA-verkostoa 12 kuukauden jakson @EUREKA_NETWORK EurekaInnoDays photo
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Farewell to the Finnish Chairmanship: 442 projects saw the day, of which 298 were Eurostars, and 43 were Cluster projects. Some 102 were Network projects. @EUREKA_NETWORK @BusinessFinland @heikkiuh @twarras @KennethNyholm EurekaInnoDays photo
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The EUREKA HLG @EUREKA_NETWORK gives to SMART @smart_eureka the Clusters Full Label for 7 years and 400 M€ budget for advanced manufacturing collaborative @R&D projects. EurekaInnoDays photo


Smart Mobility

The world of mobility is changing fast. Urbanisation has left cities struggling with congestion and air pollution. Europe seeks to lead urban transformation towards liveable and car-free cities. Servitisation, electrification and automation of vehicles and vessels is remodelling mobility and the transport of goods. European IT enterprises are also essential to the development of the mobility and transport industry. How will our mobility change in 10 or 20 years?

Smart Health

Demographic changes, progress in medical sciences, and new possibilities of the digital era constitute massive change drivers for the healthcare sector and its suppliers. Physical distances will diminish thanks to the superb connectivity offered by new network technologies. Personalised medicine, wearable devices, big data solutions, diagnostic solutions and artificial intelligence will become integrated, and transform the healthcare sector as we know it today. How can the healthcare industry best serve the growing numbers of customers that will require efficient and affordable healthcare?

Smart Energy

The production, distribution and use of energy is undergoing an unprecedented change in Europe and globally. Key drivers are the needs – at all levels – to reduce the systemic energy consumption patterns and decrease the carbon footprint. Emerging new energy systems will require a completely new level of intelligence, made possible by ever-increasing digitisation. New technologies will open new possibilities to intensify the use of energy in buildings, traffic and industries. At the same time these new, more flexible and multi-faceted energy systems will bring forth new business models, enabling the integration of completely new services to the business of the energy sector.

Smart Industry

The manufacturing industry has been important source of employment and well-being in Europe. In the future, there will be big changes in production processes due to increased automation, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and overall digitisation of the economy. Furthermore, Europe has the possibility to be a leader in implementing sustainable manufacturing. There are plenty of new opportunities for SMEs and large companies to innovate and compete in this field. Leading the implementation of sustainable manufacturing, European industry can continue to be a crucial source of employment and wellbeing.

Finlandia Hall, Mannerheimintie 13, 00100 Helsinki


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